Anthology of Wanderlust

An Collection of Things Worthy of Note that Inspire and Delight

Urchin Ghost. Another one of my husbands photographs.

Me & Ro - another one of my favorite jewelry designers. I love love love their stuff. High quality, delicate, gorgeous pieces.

Happy Labbit

Gorgeous! Who knew Flash drives could look so sleek and architecturally beautiful!

Empty Memory by Logical Art

Thought these Erica Weiner vintage Terrarium necklaces were super cute!

Scanbox: Turn your iPhone into a scanner. This is amazing!!!

Carla Caruso is another favorite jewelry designer of mine. I love love love all her stuff. I bought my wedding bands from her. I really adore her delicate and beautiful designs. Her rings can be layered and it looks beautiful on your hand!

This is pretty awesome. This designer’s inspiration came from his frustrating experience at getting to the bottom of a package of pringles chips. Out of that this was born. Very cool!

I love this. It’s an iPhone case with a built in projection keyboard and extended battery. Sooo cool! It’s the Prodigy by Celluon.

Totally quirky and adorable! Footstools from thecitygirlfarm.